KMS Music Parent Board consist of a parent led organization that supports all the music programs of the district. Our objective is to provide an avenue that the music directors can use to enhance their programs beyond the allotted school budget. The organization of volunteers are working to improve music at KMS which includes fundraising and supporting music activities at our schools. Parent volunteers are what makes KMS better in all aspects - if you have a idea or want to get involved please let us know. 
Member list Title   Email contact Cell Phone 
Katie Ziehl President (Fall 2019-Spring 2020) 320-905-6103
Merica Overcash-Thom Vice President 320-444-9200
  Outgoing President                                                                    
Jessi Collins Treasurer 320-220-1224
Janelle Hansen Fall Frozen Food Fundraiser (7-12) 320-979-5493
Erica Henry Fall Frozen Food Fundraiser (7-12) 320-815-8304
  Walt's Fundraiser      
Taz Wilke 5th/6th Grade Fall Fundraiser,           
Fall Frozen Food Fundraiser (7-12) &
Spring Flower Fundraiser 320-894-0215
Melanie Wirth Member At Large 612-670-6719
Lacey Koshenina Raise Right Gift Card Fundraiser (formerly Scrip) 320-905-1668
These instructors are instrumental in our music programs and attend monthly board meetings to assist the board with what is needed and updates within our programs. The dedication of these instructors makes our students better. 

Sandy Baker, Choir Instructor                                                                                  320-444-5160
Pam Diem, Band Instructor                                                                                      320-905-1998 ;


Contact: Tasma Wilke