Velkommen til Barnehage!
       My name is Jamie Moe and I am the teacher at the Barnehage in Sunburg.  Barnehage means children’s garden in Norwegian and is the perfect representation for what we try to accomplish.  We will be baking, singing, crafting, learning school readiness skills and listening to as well as speaking the Norwegian language. 
              I look forward to having your child in preschool and continuing the education you have begun at home.  You may e-mail me at or call at 320-843-3604 if you have any questions or suggestions for the upcoming school year. 
          Thank You So Much
          Jamie Moe
  Barnehage in Sunburg:              
  Backpack       1 box washable marker        
  1, 2 pocket folder     Scissors            
  Hand sanitizer     Pencil box          
  2 pack large glue sticks    Big bag M & M's          
  2 boxes of crackers, cereal for snack Microwave popcorn          
  2 lbs butter     Girls: 5 lb white sugar, bag of brown sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal
  2 bags chocolate chips   Boys: dry erase markers, 5 lbs flour, bag of powdered sugar,  
  Dishwasher safe water bottle to keep at school            
  1 inch 3 ring binder for child scrapbook (if this is your second year you could use the same binder)  
  Extra Clothes - pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, 2 socks, underwear in a Zip-loc bag, please label each piece  
  Blanket - 50" X 60 " approximately (so it can be folded and used like a sleeping bag)