KMS Staff Requisition Procedures and Forms

Purchasing procedures are necessary for the uniform tracking of expenses and to satisfy the Accounting Standards Board Internal Control requirements. Purchasing Procedures:
1. Discuss needs and requested items with the principal.
2. Use the online ordering system in SmarteR and submit to the district office electronically, or complete a paper requisition form found here under forms.
3. Completely fill out the requisition form in black or blue ink with the name of the vendor, complete address, phone, fax and website.
4. Fill out your department, grade, catalog page number, item number, description, quantity, price, shipping and handling.
5. Sign your name in the requested by space, designate the buildling you need items sent to and if SDS sheets are needed.
6. Requisition forms can be turned into the district office for transfer to a computer generated purchase order.
7. All requests will be reviewed by administration and MUST be approved by Mr. Heidelberger before an order can be placed.
8. Upon receipt of your order, check the packing slip, sign and return to Annette.

KMS Is a tax-exempt entity.

Purchases made outside of these procedures are not guaranteed payment or reimbursement.

Contact: Annette Fernholz