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Welcome to KMS!


We are glad you joined our team and look forward to working with you. There are a few more things we need to complete before we can get you hired. This folder contains numerous employment forms and are described below but if you have any questions please contact Beth at or 320-264-1922.


General information – please complete the top portion and return this form to the district office.

Direct deposit – please complete the top portion and return this form to the district office. Payroll is completed the 15th and 30th of each month. Complete the lower portion with information on a second account if you wish to have your payment deposited into 2 accounts.

I9 – Please complete the top portion of page 1, sign and date and return this form to the district office. Bring required forms of ID as specified on page 3 for verification when you return the form.

Fed W4 – Please complete page 1 of this form and return it to the district office. This is a new format and no longer requires/allows for dependents. It is up to the individual to monitor the withholding taxes and make adjustments for more deductions if needed.

State W4 – Please complete and return page 1 of this form to the district office.

Background check – If you are a newly licensed teacher (within the last 12 months) or can provide a copy of a background check done with in the last 12 months please disregard. If not, please complete and return the form to the district office along with a $15 check payable to MN BCA. Background checks are done at the expense of the employee.

Wage and policy statement – please review and sign both pages as required by the state of Minnesota.

SMARTeR instructions – information for you to keep on accessing payroll, leave, tax, other forms and employment information.

TimeClock + instructions – information for you to keep regarding clocking in and out, submitting for leave, and accepting a sub job.
Health insurance –As a full time employee you are eligible to enroll in health insurance through KMS public schools. Enclosed you will find policy information, policy pricing and an enrollment/waiver form. Please complete and return the enrollment/waiver form regardless if interest. If you choose to not enroll simply check the waive offer box on the enrollment form. If you wish to enroll please contact me and I can help you get a primary care clinic number.
Group Term Life – optional for contract teaching staff. Life insurance and AD&D policy with $5000 coverage at a cost of $0.95/month. Complete and return if interested in enrolling.

403b – optional for teachers. Complete this form and set up an account with one of the companies listed in the form. Once the account is set up return the signed form to the district office to set up a payroll deduction and receive $900 in matching funds.