KMS District 775 Policies and Plans

102 Equal Educational Opportunity  
103 Complaints  
214 Out of State Travel by Board Members  
402 Disability Nondiscrimination Policy  
450 Caseload Policy for Special Education  
501 School Weapons Policy  
506 Student Discipline  
510.1  Student Activity Eligibility  
514 Bullying Prohibition Policy  
515  Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records  
516 Student Medication  
524 Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy  
525  Violence Prevention  
532 Restrictive Procedures  
533 Wellness  
534 Lunch Unpaid Debt   
603.1 Inclusive Education Policy  
705 Investment Policy  
707 KMS Regular Student Busing Policy  
714 Fund Balance Policy  
806 Crisis Management Policy  
807 Health and Safety Policy  
807.1 Staff Accident and Injury Reporting  
902  Use of School District Facilities and Equipment  
  KMS School Board Policy Prohibiting Harrassment and Violence  

KMS District Achievement and Integration Progress Report 
KMS Achievement and Integration Plan 2015-2017

 KMS District Worlds Best Workforce (WBWF) 2016-2017 Report Summary 

KMS TSES (Total Special Education System) Manual

KMS Literacy Plan