Junior Class Planning Schedule

Deadlines for Junior Prom 2011

MDC: Meal and Decorations Committee
GDC: Gym Decorations Committee
IPG: Invitations /Programs/Glasses Committee

• February 12th: Personalized napkins ordered (if desired) (MDC)
• February 19th: Gym Decorations decided on, inventory taken, kits ordered (GDC)
• March 2nd: Prom Souvenirs order sheet to office (IPG)
• March 5th: Caterer decided on and hired (MDC)
• March 13th: Order souvenirs (IPG)
• March 15th: Plan and type menu, approved and confirm with caterer (MDC)
• March 23rd: Invitations designed, ordered, completed and ready to address (IPG)
• March 31st: All invitations out (IPG)
• April 10th: Prom Signup list in office (MDC)
• April 15th: Centerpieces ordered or purchased (MDC)
• April 15th: Napkins and punch glasses purchased (MDC)
• April 15th: Waiters/Waitresses decided on, approved, asked, contracts signed (MDC)
• April 15th: 2 MC’s approved, notified (MDC)
• April 15th: Chaperones chosen- 2-3 couples approved and request accepted (GDC)
• April 26th: Confirm number attending with caterer (MDC)
• April 26th: Prom Signup Deadline (MDC)
• April 29th: Grand March Program prepared, designed, approved and printed (IPG)
• April 25th-May 6th. Decorating (All Committees)
• May 7th: Prom