Mighty Mix Preschool

Young learners are so energetic and excited about school and new experiences. KMS offers an excellent preschool program for three, four and five year old children. With our many different preschool classrooms we can meet the learning styles children have to offer. The Mighty Mix classroom in Kerkhoven teaches three and four year olds in the year before they enter Kindergarten. During school the children are learning letters, letter sounds, rhyming, alliteration, expanding their vocabulary, learning colors, shapes, numbers, social skills, fine and gross motor skills and much more through our daily activities of songs, art projects, and books that coincide with each monthly theme. KMS Community Education Preschool collaborates with Prairie Five Head Start to offer the best early education at an affordable cost to families who qualify. Our brand new classroom is located in the west end of the Kerkhoven High School, where we have our own preschool wing!